28 March 2017

Final Week for the March Challenge #66: Use Punctuation

ED: My apologies for the lateness of this - I am running behind permanently lately!!

Hello Peeps - well, just a week to go for this challenge
How are you travelling?
Time to have a go?

There is a prize and some DT Favorites to be announced in the second post for April
but until then, here is some more inspiration for you!

#66 Punctuate and maybe  - be amusing


Some more work to inspire you......


Well, there you have it

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20 March 2017

Punctuate like a Pro!

Hi Peeps
A sunrise in Hobart last week:

Gotta love those early morning people for sharing with us this beauty!

The current challenge for March is to add punctuation to your work and the TWIST is to be amusing if possible. This opens many possibilities but just remember - please, no stamps! We all know that leaving out a comma (especially an inverted one) can bring the punctuation squad down on us like a ton of bricks. This probably illustrates why:

So, which are you?

If you are wondering what punctuation signs are suitable:

This might help.

I find my most used sign - apart from the comma - is the exclamation mark.
I think I am addicted to it's use!

Yes, there is a prize (random draw)

Here is some more inspiration to assist your imaginations:

(Did Grandma make the cake? Perhaps she is in it!)

Lot's of different ways the team have used Punctuation Signs here and all are "tongue in cheek" amusing.
So - let's see what you can make

13 March 2017

Week Two for March and Winners for February

Happy St Patricks Day to those who observe this holiday and happy Labour Day Long Weekend for my Australian readers - I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Wow, we had a great list of entries for February, proving that the 'Anything Goes' challenges are popular. We also had to disqualify some as they used stamps - please read the rules carefully before entering. They are fairly simple.

Now to announce the winner of the first random number draw prize for 2017

Congratulations Chris

DT Favorite

The DT Favorite is always a struggle to choose and this one was no exception
The team nominated over 15 and I narrowed it down to three
Here they are in no apparent order:

Look at this gorgeous garden!

Image may contain: food
Those birds are quilled too!

So delicate

Ladies, there is no prize but our congratulations on being chosen and we hope to see you back soon!

The second challenge in 2017 need's a bit more careful thought but can be easily got around
Remember, the twist is up to you but if you can - go for it!

Use a Punctuation Sign somewhere in your work 
with the TWIST being to be amusing as well -  if possible!
The Prize
Random Number Draw

The magazine has an embossing folder and a die with it

There are a couple of pieces of inspiration this month

Isn't this a stunning card!

Found this photo when tidying up my craft cave so gave it a quick scrap!

You an enter HERE 
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See you next week!

06 March 2017

Challenge #66: Use a Punctuation sign in your work somewhere

This means you need to Use a Punctuation Sign somewhere in your work with the TWIST being to be amusing as well -  if possible!

The Prize
Random Number Draw

The magazine has an embossing folder and a die with it

Before I show you what the Design Team has come up with, let me congratulate you all on your entries for February. What a task we have been set to come up with the DT Favorite! We will let you know about the outcome next Monday.

Just a reminder though - several people did not read the rule about 


This means I have had to contact them and sort it out and it is always an awkward situation, as we all love our own work and feel protective of it. Let me assure you that it is not the caliber of the work but the fact that  our rules do not permit you to use a digital stamp, or a rubber or clear stamp in your work for our challenges. 

The DT have come up with some excellent inspiration for you to illustrate how you can Use Punctuation in your project........

Card for BIL whose birthday is the 29th February
He was 20 and a quarter apparently sometime between one day and the next


As you can see, it is quite easy to add punctuation - through a scrap page or a card or tags or a mixed media item. Let your imagination soar!

You can enter HERE

27 February 2017

Final Week for Anything Goes - Except Stamping!

Just a reminder that we do not have any stamps in this challenge - not digital stamps - precoloured or not - or rubber or clear stamps. We have nothing against stamps (I in fact have piles and piles of them) but for this particular challenge they are not to be used.

Meanwhile, while you are cogitating about how to make something with stamps, here is something to make you smile.

This photo was taken on board the Lady Nelson in the Derwent River area a few weeks ago. 
How is that for a stunning shot!

Love my Island home.

Back to the Challenge

Anything Goes!
(except you cannot use stamps - that goes without saying)

There is a TWIST of course - anyway have one!

Use something new.......

That can be a new piece of stash, a new tool, a new technique.......


New (unopened) magazine with free gifts

Here is some more inspiration from the team

New wooden filigree cut heart

To enter the challenge you can go to 

and scroll down to find the Inlinkz to enter the current challenge

20 February 2017

Wow, week 3 already!

Firstly - I have been really spoiled for beautiful photos of my lovely home lately but if you want to see what it looks like, take yourself off to see the film LION which is partly set here. The lad the story is about was bought up here and while I don't personally know his family, they live locally and are friends of friends. It was intriguing for us to see my state pictured in the film and guess where the shots were taken from. It was filmed here last year and we had a grand red carpet opening of the film with all the stars back here to go to it  a few months ago - in the same theatre where I saw the film last week.

Meanwhile this is a photo of the Western Arthur's by Charles Chadwick

I confess I have not walked in this area and am probably never going to now but it is not unique in its wild beauty and I have been to places that match it. I don't know if Saroo has been here either......

Better get on with our challenge.....

As challenges go this is a big one for us! We are already over 30 entries with two weeks to go - it seems to me that crafters out there are finding that it is not that hard to make something without a stamp after all! Especially when the theme is

with a TWIST of Use Something New

Random Number draw
Announced in March

I know you love to see what the Design Team have come up with and so here are a few more things to get the creative juices flowing and the thoughts flooding through your frontal lobe!

new die


                                                           New fold (for me) for the Newly weds!!

new die

Well my lovelies - that is all except you can go HERE and then scroll down to the first post for February and the linky to enter.

13 February 2017

Week Two of our February Challenge #65: Anything Goes

....except please don't use stamps. Remember, we re a non-stamping paper crafting challenge blog.

With that out of the way, here is something to take your mind off the previous statement.......

While most of the rest of Australia has been sweltering under a heat wave and temps over 40 degrees, we herein Tasmania have enjoyed a windy but sunny 20+ degrees over our long week-end. 
The photo (taken by Greg Faull) shows a local area beach with Betsy Island in the background and the small navigation light on some rocks between it and the shore. 

Now, normally here we would have some wonderful Guest Designers and announce our winners in the second week but due to the fact that we had January off, there are not winners from last month; and due to my poor organisation I have not GD's for you either.

However, if you would like to be a GD for us of even join our team as a full-time member of the design Team, please send me a message via the comments and I will contact you.

This month the challenge #65 is 

ANYTHING GOES (except stamping)
with a TWIST of use something new

We already have lots of fabulous entries

You could win this magazine with die, embossing folder and stamps included on random draw:

or you could be named the 

DT Favourite!
(Only honour and glory associated with this one)

I do have something to inspire you

It seems I am on a roll with boxes this month and here is another one
I used a new die from Stampin' Up to create this gorgeous little box and a Marianne die for the top
I have a candle inside it at the moment but it would take lots of chocolate too or a silk scarf!

This one is obviously for Valentines Day
You can see more about making it 

To enter the challenge you can go to 

and scroll down to find the Inlinkz to enter the current challenge

06 February 2017

Welcome to 2017: first challenge #65 Anything Goes!

The TWIST for this challenge is to use something new (for the new year!)

Standing on the top of the world! This magnificent vantage point, looking out on the jagged spires of Cradle Mountain, is Hanson's Peak. One of many day walks in this rugged piece of World Heritage listed wilderness, the climb to Hanson's Peak is quite steep but can be easily completed as a 3.5 hour return walk. You may want to budget for an extra hour or so though, as there are plenty of spots to stop along the way to snap photos and take in the views of towering peaks, glacial lakes and Tassie's unique alpine vegetation.

On to the challenge - which for the first one is 

Anything Goes!

(except you cannot use stamps - that goes without saying)

There is a TWIST of course - anyway have one!

Use something new.......

That can be a new piece of stash, a new tool, a new technique.......


New (unopened) magazine with free gifts

The Design Team have not give up on me yet - not sure why - and have started the year with a bang! Here is some inspiration to get you going.......

Using a new embossing folder and cog dies.


The card and envelope are new and the image was printed specially for this card


For a newly wedded couple for their new life

Upcycled box with an embellishment made using a new technique and involving new stencils. 

You have a month to come up with something that does not involve stamps - and it can be a card,a 3D item, something upcycled or a scrap page. Whatever your creative imagination produces. We are waiting to drool over your cleverness!


09 January 2017

Winner for December's challenge

Remember December? It was just a few days ago - I think. I spent it in a blur of arrangements and card making and shopping, and just when it all settled down - hospital rooms, and Dr's surgeries as well!

My husband, who had not been well for a few days, produced a very swollen lower limb on the 23rd, and by Christmas Eve was in hospital with Cellulitis - a nasty infection. Not before he had been scanned for DVT as well! A houseful of guests, a fridge full of food - Christmas went on without him. He was much better off in hospital anyway! I think I had an extra glass of champers that day!

It is his birthday on the 30th, and he determined to be home for that - and our Granddaughter celebrated her 21st on the 27th, so by the time New Years came around, I was exhausted! I am just recovering now and will take another week off after this one.

Thank goodness that Unstampabelles always take January off!

I hope your Christmas was excellent and that your New Year amazing and that we all enjoy a healthy and happy 2017!

In the meantime, there are prizes to be announced! 

Before I do that, a very heartful thanks to all you wonderful crafters out there who take on our challenges in 2016 and produce amazing things, taking many paths to meet the themes and the twists and thus extending our knowledge of craft! Thank you too for the lovely comments and wonderful people who comment, some every time.

A big extra full heartfelt thank you also to my wonderful DT team. You also have met the challenges in some amazing and fascinating ways, extending my imagination and exceeding my expectations! You probably do not know how much I appreciate you - but it is vast, I can tell you!

Winner of the Prize


Congratulations Ladies 

So, see you next month on the first Monday in February with the first challenge for 2017!
In the meantime - Happy Crafting!

26 December 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

Well, another one over! I hope you are all having a wonderful time with family and friends and that the pud and turkey made it to the table in that order!!

This is our Christmas Day today - beautiful blue and sunshine! About 26 degrees outside in the sun. 
This is Susan's Bay, about an hour's drive from my house. 
Photo: Greg Faull

I got most things done but my work space looks like a tip and I really don't know where to start cleaning it up. On top of all that, my husband was put into hospital on Christmas Eve with a nasty infection in his leg, and that meant spending all day Christmas Eve sitting in the Emergency Department! The turkey went into the oven at 9.00 pm! We got there though and now sitting in a pool of silence with a ridge full of food and half a bottle of champers waiting for me!

As you know the theme for December is 

 Flickering Lights
 TWIST have a candle in the item made 

Here are two more pieces of inspiration and you have a few days to create and upload - no stamps please.


You can go 

and scroll down for the linky!